Opening up New Facility in Boone

Talley Properties
Charlotte—Talley Properties Inc.,a property management firm serving the Charlotte area real estate market has announced the opening of a property management office in Boone. The expansion allows service capabilities extending to Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, Linville, Valley Crusis, West Jefferson, Jefferson and Beech Mountain. Both property owners and tenants in Watauga, Avery and Ashe Counties will now have access to the full range of property management offered by Talley Properties.
Michael Fink, who has been with Talley for over 10 years, will be serving as manager
of the Boone office. According to Tony Moore, Operations Manager, Michael and
his wife Andrea Miller Fink both grew up in the Boone area. "She is moving back
home to join her family's law firm. The move is a perfect opportunity for us to expand into
a community where Michael has such strong roots." He continued, "while we're primarily focused on residential and commercial property management, this Talley Properties office will expand into real estate sales, including investment properties."
Prior to his position at Talley Properties, Fink was in property management at JRA. A graduate of Wake Technical College, he is a member of the Association of Realtors and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. A native of West Jefferson, Fink now resides in Boone with his wife Andrea. They have one daughter, Ava. In addressing his position with Talley, Fink noted "It's our mission to do the job right... the first time. We owe that to everyone who comes to Talley for any aspect of property management. I'm looking forward to bring that dedication and service back home to the High Country!"
Michael Fink
With Talley Properties, property owners have complete access to their accounts online. Talley's state-of-the art property management software provides 24 hour access as well as full electronic transaction and reporting. In addition, tenants can access online property applications, payment options and accounting reports, even schedule property viewings both online and by phone, 24 /7.
Talley Properties has specialized in midrange to high end residential and commercial property management since 1980. Their mission is to provide full service management to a diverse group of investors. With the goal to achieve long-term relationships with their investors, they pride themselves on the ability to be on call 24-hours a day, and provide quick, efficient same day service. Visit Talley Properties at or call 704-332-2206 (Charlotte area) 828-278-4976 (High Country).

Quick and Easy Ways for Rental Property Landlords to be a Step Ahead

Quick and Easy Ways
Many things can be done to help prevent future problems for both you and your tenants. If you are the landlord of a rental property, you want to present yourself as the best person that can be rented from. Although there is no way you can think of everything, there are some simple things that you can do to make your tenant feel at ease and that can help prevent trouble for both parties.
One of the first things you can do is so simple, many renters forget it: install and check smoke detectors. While the building you are renting should already have smoke detectors put up, not all of them do. Make sure that you put smoke detectors though the building according to your local fire department's suggestions. If the building already has smoke detectors in it, make sure to test them every month. Batteries should be replaced every six months, or as needed. If you have new tenants moving in, replace the batteries and test the detectors before they settle down in the building. This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way of showing that you care for their well being.
Another simple thing that you can do is to supply a couple of fire extinguishers for your rental property. Although these are a little more expensive than other items on this list, they will still only run you an average of $40 to $50 which, in the long run, is a small price to pay for assurance that your tenants are safe. Simply check to make sure the pressure gauge is in the green and there are no breaks or cracks in the hose to be sure that it is still functional.
Another thing that you can do before a tenant moves in is purchase and install a carbon monoxide detector. Although carbon monoxide is less common, it still accounts for an average of 430 unintentional deaths in America every year. Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it is likely to go unnoticed unless there is a detector in the building. They cost around $20 to $25 on average and can (and have) save lives.
All in all, keeping your tenants safe just takes a little bit of pre-planning. Although it is a tad bit more work for you, they will be extremely grateful if one of these steps happens to help save their lives.

Property Management as it Pertains to the Housing Industry

Property Management as it Pertains to the Housing Industry
It’s probably that unwavering voice in your head that went “common! Do it! Purchase that property. Right now is the perfect time! Hold it for now! Hold it a little bit longer, now, sell it out! ” Thanks to listening to that voice, you successfully managed to emerge as a property investor!

Wow! You actually made it! Feels super awesome right? Well, we at Talley Properties share the same sentiments. We focus on making property investors grow richer even their sleep. Thrilled already?

Read on all you seasoned housing investors. Potential investors qualify reading this too. Did you know 90% of millionaires all over the world become so after investing in real estate? Interesting fact!

Talley Properties in a nutshell

Looking to make investments in the housing industry? Talley Properties are here for you! Ready to meet and even exceed your expectations’, we are no ordinary property agents. Risking operating without us is a slow death sentence on your housing investments. We work intensely and passionately to deliver topnotch value for your money at the same time achieving success.

Amazingly, we handle all your property management, home leasing and property listings. There is more! We are on reach 24/7 on voicemail. Sounds awesome right? No more stressing when your property water mains bust.

And those adrenaline filled gas emergencies? YES! Those too are no longer your worries with Talley Properties. Incredibly, we also take care of those ever changing legal home leasing requirements you must follow. At Talley Properties, we got you covered.

Your money works for you now! And we, Talley Properties, acting as agents on your behalf take care of all your property management, home leasing and home listing requirements. Yes! All! We’ve been doing so in Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, Rock hill and SC since 1980. Try us!

Why Talley Properties?

Juggling through your careers, family, and a dozen other life responsibilities can get overwhelming. Your property investments should not add to the pressure. With Talley Properties, all you need to do is seat back and watch your property investments flourish. It is Just like watching grass growing or wet paint drying! Definitely a must experience!

Are you a virgin investor when it comes to property management home leasing and property listings? Or you’re the seasoned kind of investor? Amazingly, we handle both. Below are more reasons you should choose us, Talley Properties for your property management, home leasing and property listings.

-  Reliable – you need us? We are there! No Excuses!

-  Passionate work force- Following your bliss truly does pay. Our team is a living testimony.

-  Thorough research- Need market information on your property management, home leasing or property listings? We leave no stone untapped. With us, you’re well equipped and updated.

-  Wealth of Knowledge- Who do you turn to for your property management, home leasing and property listings? Choose us and within no time, you’ll be living an abundantly filled life. One that most people only dream of.

-  When it comes to property management, home leasing and property listings, we are simply the best! Why? Simple! We are result oriented. You set goals on your property, we achieve them for you.

Four major benefits using Talley Properties as your property agents

-  Mortgage fraud protection- As your agents in property management, home leasing and property listings, Mortgage fraud are two words that will never make it to your personal dictionary.

-  Our services will render you privileged as we transform your investments to wealth generating ones. YES! We are that good! Our high ratings and referrals are proof.

-  Topnotch, professional advices -Thanks to over a decade of exposure and experience, we are well equipped to offer you expert advices when needed. We are qualified for all your accounting, book keeping, rent collection, searching for and screening tenants as well as maintenance services. This applies on your Property management, home leasing and property listings.

-  Better deals! Thanks to our highly skilled work force, enjoying ideal deals is inevitable. We ensure as your property agents, you get the best out of every deal. Choose Talley Properties today as your agents in property management, home leasing and property listings to enjoy insanely incredible deals.


Try Talley Properties today! It’s a decision you’ll forever be grateful you made.

How to Ease a Renters Move-in Process

People move for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they want to leave where they were, sometimes their job requires them to move, and sometimes something drives them either away from or to a certain location. Either way, people need to have a place to live. Everyone wants to have a sound structure to stay in to remain safe, even if they know nothing else of the area which they have just moved in to. Home makes us feel safe and secure when nothing else around us gives us comfort. Sometimes, those who invest in properties and rent them out are lucky enough to help people find that sense of security in a brand new and potentially scary place.
If you know your new tenant is a newcomer to the area, it couldn't hurt to try to get to know them. We all know that not everyone is friendly and not everyone wants to accept help, but what would it cost you to attempt to ease their way? There is a lot to learn about any location, and certainly one as large and diverse as Charlotte NC has many hidden gems and quirks alike everyone needs to learn. Something that can help those moving in are numbers of take-out or delivery food places nearby for the first few days. You can also explain how the weather typically is at that specific time of year- it may seem boring, but sometimes knowing what to expect from nature can help ease someone's anxiety of moving to a brand new area. Another thing that may be of use is a list of local emergency numbers. Although we know 911 is the big one, perhaps a list of the police department's number, the fire department's number, and the numbers of some plumbers or electricians that you trust would be helpful to someone who knows nothing of the area. If something is not an emergency but still requires an authority, it is much easier to look at a pre-made list than trying to look up the information online or finding a phone book in case there is no internet hooked up.
Other things you can do to help ease someone's move is explain or show them where important things like the DMV, town hall, the post office, and the local library are. There are a lot of things you need to do when you move and if you don't know where anything is, this can be a lot harder. If you at least show your tenant the library, they can normally access the web for free and find an answer to any other questions they may have.
Truthfully, it doesn't cost us anything to attempt to be human to each other. Sometimes it doesn't work, but sometimes it means the world to the person you're talking to. If you try to make someone's transition a little easier, there's no saying what good can come of it. Who knows, maybe you'll make a wonderful friend for the rest of your time there.

Disaster Can Strike in Any Way at Any Time

Disaster Can Strike - Property Management
No one likes to think about when tragedy may strike. It’s understandable, we prefer to think about good things and, after all, what good can worrying about everything bad that can happen do? Well, unfortunately as a property owner it is something that you need to at least entertain. Disaster can strike in any way at any time. While it does not do to dwell on these possibilities day in and day out, it is still something that should be given a thought every now and then.

            One of the first things you can do to help reduce the risk of severe disaster ruining your business is see what kind of natural issues the area may have. A quick look online for something like “Charlotte NC weather trends” or “Charlotte NC flooding issues” can give you a good idea rather quickly what nature has in store for you and your business. If your property is in a flood zone or in an area which is prone to high winds, look into different options for insurance. North Carolina has taken a beating from quite a few hurricanes, for example, and that is something that you might want to look into in regards to what you get covered. Many insurance companies don’t include hurricane coverage automatically and so you may need to look into a different or additional package if this is a concern of yours.

            Another thing you can do is, as a landlord, make it mandatory that any tenant you rent to have renters insurance. Although a renter may groan and gripe about it to begin with, things can happen which would make them wish they had the insurance to begin with. Sometimes, things happen which are beyond anyone’s control. These can include fire, busted pipes, and any number of other problems you can have with a house or building. Explain this to your prospective client and generally they will realize that you are only trying to help. Thankfully, this can also help you in the long run as well, as you will not be liable to help the tenant replace anything out of your own pocket. Always be upfront with people about problems the area may have, it can only do you good.

            Insurance is the first step to making sure that you stay safe. Although it may not stop the disaster from occurring, it can certainly stop an additional problem once the damage is evaluated.

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