Why You as a Landlord need Talley Properties

If you own properties for rental in and around Charlotte, NC, then this article is for you. Talley Properties is one of the oldest professional property management companies in the Charlotte region and has been in operation for over three decades now. You might as a landlord possibly wondered whether you should hire a property management company or whether you can get by on your own with assistance from an employee such as a resident manager. But there are occasions when you need more help, and that’s when a professionally run property management company like Talley Properties could be an asset to you. Consider these points before you make this tactical and critical decision.

A Depth of Experience Worth Respecting

If you have a condo or home for rent in and around Charlotte, Talley Properties will take care of it for you. They’ll deal directly with tenants and prospects saving you bother and time over marketing your rental properties, rent collection, and dealing with maintenance and repairs. In addition, they’d relieve you of responding to complaints from tenants and will even pursue evictions. Talley Properties has been in the rental management business for over thirty years and brings with it a wealth of experience and know-how which will give you peace of mind comforted in the thought that your property is in the best hands. Lastly, when you hire Talley Properties, you’re hiring an independent contractor so you don’t have to go through the hassle of being an employer. Here are a few other poignant points to consider which make Talley Properties a necessity for you.

  • You will benefit significantly if you’re an investor with a number of rental units or properties. The more rental properties you own, the more you will benefit and the more it make sense to hand the keys over to Talley Properties.
  • If you live far from your rental property then hiring Talley Properties makes good sense. They’re in the vicinity with their own staff, and can handle any issue immediately. At times you do have crisis situations where your presence is required. Hiring a management company on call takes care of such emergencies.
  • If you are not a hands-on manager and you look at your rental properties as just in investment then a property management company is your solution.
  • Even if you are hands-on but don’t have the time then you need a property management company. It could be that you are employed somewhere and unable to spend the time that’s needed to properly manage your property.
  • If you hire an employee or a resident manager then you become an employer. Being an employer means handling payroll and complying with a plethora of other legal considerations and requirements. Talley Properties is an independent contractor with its own employees. This means that when you hire them you are relieved of all the responsibilities that go with being an employer.

Proper Property Management

Talley Properties manages rental home and apartments as far afield as Gastonia, Monroe, and Rock Hill. It has grown significantly since 2004 which has prompted the company to move to larger premises at Westport Road from where they will be better able to serve their clients and the real estate market. The company specializes in management of midrange to high end commercial and residential properties. You can reach the company at 704.332.2206. For details of their services, log on to

Why Hire Talley Properties?

If you have a home for rent in and around Charlotte NC, there are a number of good reasons to hire a professional property management company. This is particularly so in the present period, when the housing market is in recovery in the aftermath of the economic meltdown. Rental prices are buoyant while home values remain cautious. But then again if you are going to hire a professional property management service, you need to hire the best. You want to make sure you obtain optimal returns from the investment in your rental home, and that it is well cared for.

Spectacular Depth and Experience

Talley Properties is an icon in Charlotte real estate with three decades of property management experience backing them. Operating out of Charlotte, the company manages properties in most of the large surrounding towns and cities including Belmont, Gastonia, Harrisburg, and Mount Holly to name a few. No property management company can do as much for you as Talley Properties. Click on to see how far afield the company has gone and where they operate. Their reach speaks for their expertise.

Basic Reasoning

There are several good and sparkling reasons for you to hire Talley Properties to manage your property investment, especially if you lack the time or expertise in the field. Day-to-day management of residential or commercial real estate can be taxing and challenging. Here’s how Talley Properties can benefit you:

  • Market your rental property so vacancies are minimized and income optimized. Talley Properties knows the local rental market, what the going rate is for comparable properties, and what tenants would be prepared to pay for your property. With its marketing skills Talley Properties can reach out to prospective renters and has a nose for bad renters.
  • Can maintain your property in peak condition at all times. They have the experience in handling and coordinating routine and also emergency repairs. They can identify and tackle a situation well in time before it becomes a major problem, saving you a sizeable chunk of change later.
  • Deal with rental agreements and negotiate the best prices.
  • Track tenant deposits and collecting rent.
  • Comply with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Respond promptly to tenant requests and handle problem, stubborn, and/or lazy tenants.


Steady Professional Service

Talley Properties is committed to providing you the best property management services at all times so you are relieved of the responsibility and assured of maximum returns on your apartment or home for rent.

What does Talley Properties charge you for?

If you own a home or apartment for rent in or around Charlotte, NC and have handed the management to Talley Properties, you’ve made a good decision. This property management company has been in the business for over three decades and has established a reputation that other management companies aspire for. It relieves the property owner of the huge load of responsibility of day-to-day management and the problems that come with it. Landlords who have handed their rental homes to Talley Properties are assured of optimal occupancy at the best possible rental rate which provides an assured income on their investment. And they can rest easy knowing their properties are being well looked after.

Obviously this exemplary property management outsourcing service comes at a price. Here is an explanation of their fees.

Advertising Costs

Whether yours is a house or apartment for rent you have entrusted to Talley Properties, the firm still has to advertise your property to tenant or fill it. This means listing your property in newspapers or on property listing websites. You can expect advertising fees to be part of your management contract.

Property Management Fees

The management company undertakes the dutiesto screen and find suitable tenants, collects the rent, maintains the premises, evicts undesirable tenants, and generally looks to the everyday affairs connected with your property. For this it charges you a fixed commission which might be a fixed fee or a percentage of the rent you collect. Like most property management companies, Talley Properties has its own schedule of fees but is flexible in its outlook. Its fees are generally structured on the extent of services you need from them.

Maintenance Charges

Day to day maintenance is handled by the management company. This encompasses everything from plumbing and electrical repairs, heating system maintenance, cleaning and similar varied chores that pop up, sometimes unannounced, with any property. These charges depend on the extent of work done and are itemized and included in their monthly bill. Maintenance on a large home for rent might be quite a significant part of the monthly bill.

Lease Up and Lease Renewal Fees

Fees relating to the lease agreement and renewal of the tenant agreement are payable by the landlord and will be charged as and when the expenses are incurred. A finder’s fee might be charged if a new tenant is to be found.

Talley Properties is arguably the most dependable and dynamic property management company in Charlotte. The company also manages apartments and homes for rent as far afield as Davidson and Waxhaw. Check them out at or call them at 704.332.2206 to discuss their fee structure

A Property Manager’s Guide to Tenant Control in Residential Buildings

An inevitable part of owning real estate is the necessity to interact with tenants and handle the problems that often arise. While such interaction is an integral part of a property manager job, an experienced property manager would have developed several methods to control tenants diplomatically.
Controlling Your Emotions
Keeping tenants under amiable control provides a more congenial environment which makes the premises more attractive to potential tenants. Successful property management involves an effective level of control without being overly authoritative.
Same Page
Property managers have the responsibility of collecting the rent from tenants on time. A sterling property management rule is to ensure that the rent is paid on the day mentioned in the lease agreement. Sticking to this rule ensures there are no misunderstandings and the tenant knows what is expected.
Respecting Property
Another responsibility of a property manager is to ensure that tenants respect their rental homes and apartments, something that’s not always easy to enforce. This way the manager makes certain that unnecessary repairs are avoided which is a cost savings to the owner.
Respecting Others
Peaceful surroundings are critical for which tenants must respect their neighbors. The manager has to set out rules which define how neighboring tenants should interact with each other and also to respect quiet hours.
One serious issue which often arises is keeping control of the noise level, especially in rental condos. This is an issue a property manager has to take seriously. The manager has no option but to exercise his/her authority should a tenant get out of line and become a nuisance to their neighbors. Some property managers adopt a policy of issuing a succession of warnings before resorting to action.

A Bane on Society and Communities

If a tenant is found to be a drug user the lease should be terminated the lease immediately. Drug users tend to have more than the normal amount of visitors and could possibly attempt to steal from their neighbors because they need to convert items into cash so they can support their addiction and curse. Character flaws which might not have been apparent initially might begin to appear. Drug users could become a nuisance to their neighbors apart from bringing the building and the property management company into disrepute. If a building does develop a bad reputation this is certainly going to be a deterrent to new tenants in the future.

A Rental Management Company for the Ages

Talley Properties is a long-established Charlotte, NC. property management company which is known for maintaining the highest standards in the property management field. The company with expertise in high-end residential and commercial property management has been providing full-service property management for over three decades now. The company has expanded considerably and now manages rental properties in all the surrounding counties. Talley Properties guarantees investors the best possible rental rates whether it is a home for rent or a vacation rental. The company is proud of its performance and its unswerving commitment to property owners who have reposed their faith in Talley Properties. If you are planning on investing in property in or around Charlotte, Talley Properties will be happy to assist in any way possible. The company focuses on excellence in service and forging enduring client relationships.

What can Talley Properties Inc. do for you?

People venture into the real estate business with a great deal of optimism. It’s true; a well-managed property is a good investment which can provide you with years of income. But “well-managed” is the key. What many investors just starting out do not realize, is that property management is a full-time business that demands dedication and sacrifice. There are so many different management aspects to be dealt with if you want to be assured of a remunerative and continued income. Seasoned investors know this, which is why they choose to entrust their property to be managed by a sound, reputed property management company.

Growth and Opportunity

Talley Properties Inc. is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based property management company which has been in the business for over three decades now. Since its inception, the company has grown considerably and now manages homes and apartments for rent in several cities in the state and in South Carolina. Some of the cities where the company has a presence are Belmont, Concord, Gastonia, Pineville, and Kings Mountain to name just a few. For a more detailed listing of locations, log on to its website at

What they Offer

Talley Properties is a full-service property management company which can provide you with a comprehensive range of management services. Some of these are:

  • Customization of plans: Property owners are offered a customized management plan on home rental properties. This encompasses all services related to the property which includes finding and screening tenants, collecting rental charges, evicting tenants if needed, and the maintenance of the property, including operating repairs. Talley Properties will also prepare an annual budget, make mortgage payments, and pay property and other taxes. As a property owner you can choose exactly what you want of Talley Properties and rest assured that they will live up to the confidence you have reposed in them.


  • Stress relief: This property management company which essentially manages rental homes relieves the owner of the stress associated with the day-to-day running of the property. Its goal is to provide the owner with a peace of mind safe in the knowledge that all is well and their property investment is in safe and capable hands.
  • Flexible fees: Charges for management services of houses and apartments for rent vary considerably from one property management company to the next. Talley Properties’ fees are commensurate with those prevailing in the industry.


Talley Properties Does what it Says and Says what it Does

When you hire Talley Properties you have the assurance of the best quality of service you could expect. This property management company is flexible in its outlook. Give them a ring @704.332.2206 and talk to them in regards to your needs. Tell Talley Properties what your expectations are and listen to what they have to say.

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