Thinking About Getting A Roommate?


Living with a roommate is a common way for people to move into housing that they may not be able to afford on their own. We've seen over the course of the last 20 years that the amount of people "doubling up" to lease space has increased significantly and steadily. Although the ideal is normally living in your own apartment, this isn’t always an option depending on where you work and live. Or, you may be the type to prefer someone to hang out with. But either way, roommates can be a great way to find a comfortable housing arrangement, and there are many reasons why you should consider it.

  1. 1. Lower Costs. Although a two bedroom apartment in the same area costs more than a one bedroom, the difference is often much less than what it would cost to rent two seperate single bedroom apartments. For example, let's say you are in an area where you can find a one bedroom apartment or townhouse that costs $1,100 while a two bedroom costs $1,400. While that $300 difference may be too much for one person to make up on their own, two people with similar incomes can easily swing that amount. It also means that instead of two separate people paying $1,100 each, they can have their shared apartment for $700 per person. That means that they both are saving $400 a month if you compare it to them each having their own separate apartments. That extra money can go towards any other common expenses, or even saving up to buy their own house some day.
  2. 2. Security. If you have more than one person living in a house, the odds that someone will be home at any given time go up drastically. Even if they work similar hours, there is going to be a higher chance that the apartment is occupied. This means that if something goes wrong, it will likely be noticed sooner than if the sole resident was out all day long.
  3. 3. Company. Having company is often good for many reasons. Not only does the presence of another person put someone at ease, just knowing that someone else will be there at the end of the day can do wonders for your mental health. Having a built-in buddy may be just what you need.

While having a roommate isn’t for everyone, it may just be for you. Let Talley help you and your roommate find the perfect apartment today!

Moving in Spring - Charlotte Property Management


A lot of things tend to change in the spring. With the warmer temperatures, there are many transitions we see. Flowers blooming, job changes, tourism and travel, and more people out and about enjoying themselves. It goes to follow that this is also a time that many people get a head start on the common summer moving season. Who wants to lug furniture and belongings from place to place in scorching or freezing temperatures? There are many more advantages of moving during the spring, not to mention temperature, that could persuade you to beat the summer rush.

One advantage is competitive pricing. Not everyone changes location when their lease is complete; some choose to move sooner rather than later, closer to work opportunities, and get subleases to cover their exisiting lease. This frees up property space, and it is typically cheaper to move in the spring, because there are less people trying to move in. Essentially, there is a surplus of space that needs to be filled. What's more, is the fees for moving and truck rental companies are lower than in peak seasons to attract more work. You're saving on those few months at your new pad, and the price to move!

Not only is spring a great time to move into a new home, it's also a prime season to sell! As mentioned, the warmer weather brings about blooming season, more vibrant greenery, and warm sunshine. If those aren't prime conditions to make a home and yard look spectacular, we don't know what is. On top of that, most people prefer to move and get settled into a new place before the temperature gets extremely hot. In Charlotte, this is definitely no exeption.

When it comes to moving in spring, there are multiple advantages to moving earlier rather than later. Talley Properties has various available properties ready to move now. We enjoy making the moving process as seamless as possible, and we are empowered knowing that we have another happy tenant on our hands! Check out our listings today, and find a rental you love!

Amenities - Charlotte Property Management


When people move, they want to be as comfortable in their new home as possible. This often means that they want certain things that are often seen as a luxury, otherwise known as an amenity, in their apartment and complex. This also means, however, that as a landlord it may be something you feel the need to provide. These amenities may be seen as a necessity to many residents, but everyone has certain things they need if they're going to move into a new place. Here are a few examples of amenities that you may want to try to provide if possible.

  1. Laundry. This one is the most common. Most people want a washing machine and dryer at least close by when they move. While some people prefer to have it in their apartment, others are okay with a community wash room. Many of the communal ones are coin operated, but that's better than finding a nearby laundromat. The apartment complex also wants to keep up it's cleanliness, and offering laundry amenities is seen as common courtesy for tenants.
  2. Pool. This is another common amenity that is looked for in a rental. Pools are often expensive to maintain, but they may be well worth the price. Being able to cool off during the summer can be a great trade for either higher year round rent or maintenence fees. Either way, you may want to look into the possibility of including one to add the draw of liesure to your property.
  3. Upgraded/Additional Appliances. The kitchen is such an important part of someone's home. Even if your tenants don't cook much, it is important that the area they have to prepare food is up to date and in proper condition. Sometimes this means that you need to spend a little more money to make sure that they have a reliable oven or dishwasher. While it may not be a necessity for you, you never know when your tenant may have a disability or even just a lack of time on their hands. Updated appliances can go a long way.

There are many different amenities that complexes offer their residents to keep them happy. But, the improtance of each of these can vary from one tenant to another, so be sure to listen to their input on what would keep them satisfies with their living arrangement. You may be amazed at the difference it makes when you have these amenities listed with Talley!

Proper Listings - Charlotte Property Management


When it comes to getting your rental property traffic, there are few things that will help more than a full and proper listing. One of the things that we see often is a listing that only gives partial information, and that doesn’t do anyone any favors. It is important to give as much information up front as possible, because many people will simply scroll past or turn the page until they see at least the majority of the keywords they are looking for. Just like pictures, extensive information is important to a successful listing, so here are some things to keep in mind that people often look for.

One of the first things that people will look for other than price and bedroom/bathroom count is the amenity list. This can include anything from the laundry setup to whether or not your apartment comes with a balcony or if there is pool access. Amenities are massive when someone is renting, as these are the things that can make life a little easier. They may even include things that the renter views as a necessity. Something that you may find simply helpful, like a dishwasher, may be a major sticking point for someone else, so it is always important to list as many amenities as you can.

Another important thing to talk about in your listing is your pet policy. Often a pet owner will not look at an apartment if they aren’t certain that they can take their four-legged friends with them. It can be very upsetting when you fall in love with an apartment only to discover after the fact that the pet policy is not compatible with what you require, so it’s always more efficient for you to be upfront about your policies. Even if you want to say that it is only with landlord's approval, it is always better to list that so a potential tenant knows what they are getting into ahead of time.

At the end of the day, it is always better to give more information than it is to keep the listings short. This is considerably easier if you are using online listings, so give as much information as you possibly can about your rental property. It can only help to get the proper tenant in, instead of someone who isn't actually as good of a fit as you both thought. Give Talley a call today and see what else you can do to get your space rented out quickly!

Pool Season - Charlotte Property Management


When May rolls around, there are a few things that we always look forward to. Strawberries and watermelons are in season, and so are the pools. Most places that have a pool tend to open them around the end of May to coincide with Memorial Day as long as the weather cooperates. While it is always enjoyable for residents who are ready to jump in, it can be quite stressful for anyone who is in charge of the pool. This is especially true if it is meant to be used by an entire apartment complex.

Getting a pool ready to open takes a lot more work than simply filling it and unlocking the gate so that people can swim. Every state and town has their own laws about community pools, which is one of the first things you need to factor in. It is important to follow the law about everything regarding your pool, of course, but especially when it comes to the safety of your residents. Having a pool is often one of the biggest selling points for an apartment, but it is still a luxury. It can be frustrating for tenants and property owners alike, but it is important to remember that the pool has to be kept up to certain standards. This is why many owners decide not to even bother with a pool, regardless of whether or not there is already one on the property. The price of the upkeep alone is far higher than many smaller complexes can handle without raising dues too much. Between the chemicals needed to keep the pool up to code and the cost of any lifeguards that your town may legally require, it can easily put you in the red. That said, it is a great way to draw people to move into your complex, so that is something that should be concidered.

If you do have a pool in your complex, you should definitely try to have it available for your residents more often than not. It is often a selling point no matter the moving season, as most leases are at least 6 months and the tenant could make use of it during that amount of time. You just have to be sure that you are safe and responsible if the pool is going to be open. Here at Talley, we hope you have a great summer and get to spend at least a little bit of it relaxing in that pool you work so hard for!

Safety at Night - Charlotte Property Management


We all know that nighttime seems to be when most people are concerned about criminal activity. Although criminals will try to break the law at any time of the day, our defenses are generally down at night as we try to get ready to go to bed and actually sleep. There is a certain safety that we feel in our own homes and that is something you never want to lose. As such, there are a few things that you can do to help keep your apartment safe at night so that you don't have to worry as much about something bad happening.

One of the first things that we always suggest is getting some form of home security system. This can be something as simple as a camera doorbell, or it may be an entire alarm system that goes through the whole property. While what you choose depends largely on the size of your rental and what your landlord will agree to, there are options for every type of agreement. If you cannot get a security system, it certainly wouldn't hurt to get something that looks like a security system. This may be a sticker to put in the window or a sign out front, or it may even be a fake security camera. Criminals will generally look for these kinds of things, so having them will help you keep your place safe.

Another thing that you can easily do to help deter criminal activity is to keep a light on. Whether outside or inside, you can keep a lamp or two on to make it seem like someone is still up and actively awake. If you are going away or simply don't want to remember to turn it on and off, you can always buy a timer to plug the light into which will automatically turn the lamp on at a certain time and off again once the sun comes up.

While there are dozens of things that you can do to keep yourself and your family safe at night, these are two of the easiest methods that tend to work pretty well. Ask your neighbors what they do if you are concerned about something happening, and always be sure to keep an eye on the area. Staying safe is the most important thing, so don't let your safety fall by the wayside at night!

Air Conditioning - Charlotte Property Management


Right now, it definitely feels like summer outside. Naturally, this means it won't be long before people stay cooped up in their homes with the air conditioner and a fan on to try to beat the heat. The problem is that heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous if you aren’t prepared for it. Dehydration and other heat related illnesses can hit even if you are inside, so it is always important to remember to drink water and keep yourself protected from the heat whenever you can.

You always want to make sure that your air conditioners and fans work before you get to the point where you need them, and that the vents are clean. This is especially true if you live on a higher floor or in an apartment, one with lots of windows, or both. Hot air rises, which can make upper floors absolutely miserable to live on during summer months if you don’t have reliable air conditioning or insulation against it. Windows, while wonderful for natural light and air flow when open, can also be fairly brutal when it comes to the heat from the sun that comes in. If you notice that your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be doing its job, contact your landlord as soon as possible to talk about a replacement or purchase one depending on your lease agreement.

In addition to air conditioning, there are a few things that you can do to keep your apartment cool. Blackout curtains are great for more than just blocking light, they also help to keep heat outside and cool air inside. While any curtains will help, blackout curtains are the best. If you live in a space with an attic, it is helpful to install a fan, commonly gable or roof-mounted, and insulate these walls as well as other areas. Even having a white ceiling can reflect, rather than attract the outside heat.

Air conditioning and other heat repulsion techniques can be life savers during the summer. Be sure that yours is working correctly so that you can relax when you walk through your door. We hope that all of you have a safe and fun summer, and that you stay cool!

Your Necessities - Charlotte Property Management


Everyone has different needs. This is true across the board. It doesn't matter if we're talking about food requirements, medication, or even what they're looking for out of their interactions with other people. Everyone has a different requirement for certain things, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that what will work for one person may not do so for someone else. If you don't need to buy your own insulin, that's great. However, some people do. For them, that is a necessity that you do not share. The same should be said when it comes to housing.

Beyond things like handicapped entrances or generators, we rarely think of different things as a necessity that some people can look for in a home. Generally, anything else falls under the category of “preferred” or “wishlist”. While it may seem silly for a lot of people, someone may have a need for accommodations that, at first, appear as an amenity. Almost everyone wants a washer and dryer at least on site, but someone who cannot walk distances with a full basket may need to have one in their unit. There is nothing wrong with being adamant and steadfast about what you seem to want, as it may actually be a true need.

If you have back problems and cannot stand bent over for extended periods of time, you likely have a need for a dishwasher in your apartment. If you have any chronic pain issues, you may need a first floor unit to avoid having to walk up multiple flights of stairs every day. An accessible shower instead of a shower and tub combination may be exactly what you're hunting for because of your knee issues. There are so many things that are actually necessities that get brushed over, and people's reasoning for leasing one space over another can vary tremendously. If you have any of these needs, don't worry. Talley will have something perfect for you.

With a constantly rotating set of listings, Talley has dozens of units that are looking for tenants that can accommodate for your needs. It can be hard to find a solid lead on any apartment when you have specific necessities that, on the surface, appear to be simple amenity preferences. Thankfully, Talley knows that sometimes when you say that you need a certain thing before you can move into an apartment, you mean it. See what we have for you today!

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