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2024 Q1 Charlotte Real Estate Outlook

2024 is here! It’s a new year with new potential for the real estate market. But how much has actually changed since the last calendar year? What can buyers expect to see across the market in Charlotte over the coming months? Like always, there are already predictions floating around, as experts analyze the current landscape and forecast trends for the new year. Whether you’re a tenant curious about widespread pricing adjustments or you’re a landlord looking to stay competitive in the rental property industry, we’ve got a summary of some of the most important data points just for you. Read on for a brief overview of the Q1 2024 housing market in the Queen City.

For those hoping to see drastic changes in the new year, you may be disappointed by the forecast. Today’s mortgage rates, in Charlotte and across the country, hover around 6.5% for a 30-year fixed. If you’re waiting around for these numbers to dip back into the 2–3% range like we saw in 2020 and 2021, we’re sorry to say that this isn’t looking likely. Mortgage rates are expected to remain relatively stable.

With such perceived stagnation, many people who have been holding out for better rates will put an end to the waiting game and pull the trigger on selling their home. Not only does this boost the demand for homes, but it increases the inventory of homes on the market. This new mindset will infuse a bit more life into the market in 2024, which may introduce slightly lower prices and more affordability across all housing types. Even with the relatively high mortgage rates, those who need to find space in the coming months may finally be able to find something in their price range.

That said, Charlotte is still firmly a seller’s market, and it’s forecasted to remain as such into the near future. 714 homes of the 3,238 available were sold in November 2023. The expected influx of new inventory will reduce the competitive edge that dictates such high selling prices, but only slightly. Buyers may opt to rent a home or apartment to save money, which is great news for the property owners out there. In this economy, you might find your space in high demand by students, working singles, or young couples who need a place of their own.

2024 is shaping up to be an interesting year. For more updates and information on other relevant topics, follow the Talley Properties blog. Looking to get started with a property management agency? Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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