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A lot of things tend to change in the spring. With the warmer temperatures, there are many transitions we see. Flowers blooming, job changes, tourism and travel, and more people out and about enjoying themselves. It goes to follow that this is also a time that many people get a head start on the common summer moving season. Who wants to lug furniture and belongings from place to place in scorching or freezing temperatures? There are many more advantages of moving during the spring, not to mention temperature, that could persuade you to beat the summer rush.

One advantage is competitive pricing. Not everyone changes location when their lease is complete; some choose to move sooner rather than later, closer to work opportunities, and get subleases to cover their exisiting lease. This frees up property space, and it is typically cheaper to move in the spring, because there are less people trying to move in. Essentially, there is a surplus of space that needs to be filled. What's more, is the fees for moving and truck rental companies are lower than in peak seasons to attract more work. You're saving on those few months at your new pad, and the price to move!

Not only is spring a great time to move into a new home, it's also a prime season to sell! As mentioned, the warmer weather brings about blooming season, more vibrant greenery, and warm sunshine. If those aren't prime conditions to make a home and yard look spectacular, we don't know what is. On top of that, most people prefer to move and get settled into a new place before the temperature gets extremely hot. In Charlotte, this is definitely no exeption.

When it comes to moving in spring, there are multiple advantages to moving earlier rather than later. Talley Properties has various available properties ready to move now. We enjoy making the moving process as seamless as possible, and we are empowered knowing that we have another happy tenant on our hands! Check out our listings today, and find a rental you love!

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