One of the worst parts about moving is having to lug around the bigger “stuff”. Things like kitchen tables, couches, bookcases, and anything else that's bulky can be an absolute nightmare to transport. Even if you have a pickup truck or a rental truck, it doesn’t mean that you are in the clear. These items are often heavy, awkward, and may not even seem worth it to move. However, it always seems like a good amount of them are things you would never want to lose. This often happens with family heirlooms or furniture. It can be difficult to get the help that you need to move big things, especially depending on how far you need to carry them inside and up stairs, but there are always a few options open to you.

The most common method of moving these types of things is to hire help. You often see signs on the side of the road, on the television, or even hear them on the radio. While people normally hire companies to move an entire house, there is frequently a plan that they offer if you only need help with a few big items. After all, you don’t want to get hurt trying to move something or damage whatever it is that you’re trying to take with you. If you leave it to the professionals, you don’t generally have to worry about your furniture getting damaged or possibly dealing with an injury. These moving companies have methods to make this process easier, and more efficient..

If you aren’t able to hire anyone, we suggest taking multiple trips with less items each. It make seem like it takes longer, but not by too much to warrant getting injured while trying to carry too much. When you carry too much, you can hinder your ability to see where you're walking and catch yourself if you fall. You never want to take all of your large ticket items at the same time in a personal vehicle and that many large items can tire you out quickly. Make sure that everything is appropriately covered and is taken apart if at all possible to make things lighter. As much as you don’t want anything bad to happen to your items, you need to keep yourself safe. If there is anything you can do to make a move easier, we definitely suggest at least trying it.

If you have any questions about moving into a new home, don’t hesitate to call Talley Properties. We can assist you in any number of ways and will do everything we can to make your transition into your new residence smoother. We know that moving is stressful, but there are ways of lessening the burden. With Talley, your next move may just be one of the easiest days of your life.