How much is your property worth? Unfortunately, that’s not entirely up to you. Appraisals take many factors into account when determining the value of a property: location, market, infrastructure, etc. The list goes on, but these are some of the more prominent categories that evaluations fall under. While the location and current market may not be under your control, that’s not to say that you can’t improve the property value yourself. Maybe you’re thinking of selling your home and want to get the best offer possible. Read on for a few ways to maintain a relatively high property value before your next appraisal. These tips can be split into two main categories: property maintenance and building maintenance.

Landscaping may not seem super important in the long run, but a little time and effort can increase curb appeal and boost your overall property value. First things first, let’s begin with the lawn. How does your lawn compare to those of your neighbors? Is it run down, brown, or full of weeds? In the interest of raising your property value (and keeping your lawn from becoming an eyesore), it might be time to pay special attention to your grass. Keeping it neatly mowed is a good start. Consider weed killer and lawn fertilizer to keep the grass healthy and green. As an added bonus, use a manual or electric edge trimmer to give your lawn a professionally manicured look, especially if you live in a small community or neighborhood.

Trees, bushes, and flowers can breathe life and color into a property. First impressions are still important when considering overall value. Start tending a garden, or hire a professional landscaper to transform your land. And it’s not only the plants that need attention, but the infrastructure as well. Decks, patios, gazebos, fences, walls, and outbuildings need to be properly maintained. Ensure they are stained, painted, and secured with the proper hardware.

Of course, the house itself is crucial as well. You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to go knocking down walls and adding rooms to boost your property value. This can be done in smaller, less intrusive ways. For example, make sure the home appliances and utility systems are properly updated. Leaky pipes, faulty wiring, and an outdated refrigerator certainly won’t contribute to the overall value. While you’re at it, consider incorporating the new smart-home technology currently on the market. Virtual assistants, automatic lights and thermostats, and doorbell cameras can raise the value and make your house stand out from the crowd.

Finally, keep your home clean and attractive. Don’t sacrifice your personal style; rather, use it to leave your mark on the house. Accentuate all the best parts of your home using color, texture, and decor. Even a fresh coat of paint and rearrangement of the furniture can liven up a room. Show the appraiser how you’re using the space and highlight its potential.

Property value is complex and multifaceted. Often, it’s based on factors that are out of your hands. But maintaining your home and your land is a great way to boost their value. Follow these tips to ensure your property is appraisal-ready.