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How Much to Invest in Landscaping - Charlotte Property Management


As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to make your property attractive to as many potential tenants as possible. Of course, the most important part is the living space. How many bedrooms/bathrooms? What amenities are offered? How competitive is the rental rate? These things will be at the forefront of renters minds as they are searching for their next home.

But what about the landscape? Surely you want your lawn and foliage to be just as attractive as the house itself. Not only that, but the right landscape design can drastically reduce regular maintenance and even discourage prying eyes. Below are a number of ideas that you may want to consider for your investment property.

  • Choosing the right type of grass for your lawn is essential. Some types are very high maintenance and need regular watering and mowing. In other words, they require quite a bit of upkeep. Research grass types that will thrive in your area, and pick one that does not require constant maintenance. This will make landscape management easier for you and your tenants.
  • Hardscaping or xeriscaping. Hardscaping makes use of tough materials such as brick, stone, gravel, wood, and other naturally occurring elements. Decks, patios, walls, and walkways can be a great use of space, and they require very little upkeep. Hardscaping may be considered a subset of xeriscaping, which is defined as water-conscious landscaping. Less water, less maintenance.
  • Climate-conscious shrubs. Depending on the climate of your rental property, you may be quite limited in the types of foliage that will grow. Consider cultivating local flowers, shrubs, and trees that will thrive in your particular environment, whether hot and humid or cold and dry. This will make it significantly easier to keep them alive and healthy, no matter your skill level when it comes to gardening.
  • Privacy screen. Everyone wants privacy in their own home. Depending on the property and its layout, you might consider planting trees or vines surrounding the house. Not only will this make the property more attractive, but it will make the residents feel secure and block prying eyes from the street. It may even discourage burglars during those times when the house is sitting empty between tenants.

Landscaping may not be top priority when compared to the house itself, but it’s a considerable bonus for potential tenants. Consider investing your time and money into making your property look finished. A lush lawn, a few flower beds, or an outdoor living area go a long way in making a house feel like a home.

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