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Fall Yard Maintenance: What Do I Do With All of These Leaves?

Autumn is here! The leaves on the trees present a gorgeous display, and they often add a lot of curb appeal to your rental properties. But once they’ve fallen from their branches, they can be quite a pain. A large part of landscape maintenance in the fall revolves around keeping your lawn clear of fallen leaves, especially if your property is heavily wooded.

But it seems a waste to just bag the leaves and get rid of them. What if there was something you could do with them? Good news: there is! Leaves are actually a fairly valuable resource. Read on for some tips on keeping your yard pristine while taking full advantage of the benefits that autumn has to offer.

  1. Turn Leaves Into Mulch. Leaves make a great mulch alternative, and they’re free to use. Simply rake them into your garden beds and break up any of the larger leaves for a more even coverage. If you don’t like the look of dry brown leaves in your flower beds, you can always cover them with a thin layer of traditional mulch.
  2. Collect for Compost. Leaves hold a lot of the tree’s nutrients, and breaking them down into organic matter can be great for your garden. Use a mulcher or a lawn mower to shred the leaves into little pieces. This will allow them to decompose faster. Then, add them to your compost pile and let them sit.
  3. Shelter Insects. Rake or blow leaves into small piles bordering the edge of your property to create a safe space for insects. Many bugs are important to a healthy and balanced ecosystem, including worms, snails, moths, bees, ladybugs, and spiders. These all thrive in the shelter of fallen leaves.
  4. Mow Over the Lawn. Why give all the nutrient-rich goodness to the garden when your lawn needs some love too? Distribute a thin, even layer of leaves across your yard. Then, use your lawn mower to run them over and grind the tiny pieces into the grass. Your lawn will thank you for the nutrient boost.
  5. Bag for Others. If you have an excess of leaves, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. What more can you possibly do with them? If you can’t use it, surely somebody else can. Share your wealth by bagging any extra leaves and offering them to friends and neighbors in the area.

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