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Preparing Your Rental Home for Spring

Though it might seem like the new year has only just begun, spring is already around the corner! Spring-cleaning is a very popular concept during this time, as people around the world take a step back and evaluate what needs to be done on their property. From deep cleaning to routine maintenance, now is the time to dig in your heels and prepare for the season ahead.

Rental properties are no different. In fact, one might argue that it’s especially important to prepare a rental space before the busiest season of the year is in full swing. But with all the little things that need done, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Where should you start? Read on for some key takeaways and a general checklist that will help you get your property ready for spring.

  1. HVAC System. After a long, cold winter, springtime is the best time to clean out your ventilation ducts and replace your air filters. You may also want to have your HVAC system inspected and serviced to avoid any failures as the weather gets warmer.
  2. Even in the South, temperatures often drop below freezing during the winter months. Double-check your pipes to make sure that the cold didn’t cause any damage, as even small cracks or splits can lead to bigger issues down the road.
  3. Is it time for a flooring refresh? Whether your space has wood floor, carpet, or a combination of the two, you can make sure that they are fresh and ready for the next tenants. Carpeting can be deep cleaned or replaced, and wooden floors can be polished to remove scratches or scuffs.
  4. Sensors & Detectors. Carbon monoxide sensors and smoke detectors keep tenants safe. Test these devices to make sure they are working properly, and replace the batteries as needed.
  5. Spring is typically a rainy season. Clear your gutter of any leftover debris to ensure smooth water transfer from the roof to the downspouts.
  6. The roof can take a beating in extreme temperatures. Prepare your rental space for a rainy spring by having your roof inspected. Check for any cracks or leaks, and replace the shingles as needed.
  7. As the flowers begin to bloom and the leaves return to the trees, spring is the perfect time to refresh your landscaping. Give your property some curb appeal with attractive bushes, shrubs, trees, and lawns. Furthermore, if you have a sprinkler system, make sure that it is in proper working order before the growing season begins.

For more seasonal advice and property maintenance tips, follow the Talley Properties blog. Looking for quality property management services in your area? Get in touch with us here at Talley Properties, Charlotte’s best property management!

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